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Carbon Offset Programme
Environmental Sustainability Contribution

Solis goes green by being 100% engaged in Carbon offsetting

As the leader in responsible environmental management within the tourism sector in Mauritius, Solis Indian Ocean believes that an appropriate balance can be achieved between environmental goals and economic health.

To this end, and thanks to the transparency of their emissions reduction programmes (e.g. the Envirotrade Carbon Livelihoods Programme, projects_gorongosa.php, we have partnered with Impact Choice, a company which has conducted an initial carbon footprint analysis based on our energy use. We are thus the first Destination Management Company to introduce such an initiative in Mauritius.

Envirotrade has developed a business model, using the sale of carbon offsets to support the conservation and management of existing forests and the planting of new ones. The money that project communities in Mozambique earn through their programme, allows them to make the switch from ‘slash-and-burn' agriculture to sustainable food production.

Since January 2010, Solis Indian Ocean has committed itself to reduce its energy related carbon emission and is making a contribution to Impact Choice from each booking.  

Our goal is to become a truly carbon neutral & environmentally friendly business partner.