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The island of Rodrigues is situated at latitude 19°.42 south and Longitude 63).25 East, about 560 km North East of Mauritius. Rodrigues is 18.3 km long and 8 km side, stretching along a wide submarine plateau.


Surrounded by a vast lagoon (twice its area) of shallow water abounding in coral life, Rodrigues is a mountainous country, its highest peak being Mount Limon, which reaches 393 meters.


Rodrigues is in the southern hemisphere, so the summer lasts from November to April, with temperatures reaching highs of 33°C, and winter from May to October, with lows of 15°C. The climate is generally warmer and drier than in Mauritius.


Rodrigues is subject to regular winds blowing from the Southeast, and is prone to cyclones.



With its 38 000 inhabitants Rodrigues is very authentic. The particular charm of the island comes mainly from the calm and harmonious lifestyle of its inhabitants. Kindness and simplicity are the principal traits of the Rodriguans.


The population consists of more women than men and about 90% of the populations are creoles, inhabitants with jet-black skin, descendants of Malagasy, African slaves and a minority of half-castes, descendants of the first European settlers. The Inhabitants of. Rodrigues is part of Mauritius even though it’s a separate Island. Rodrigues Culture is dominated by the majority of the "Creole" people.



You have a wide choice for accommodation in Rodrigues: You can choose between a hotel, a one-room furnished flat, an inn, a boarding house, a guest house or an apartment. Wherever you may decide to stay, the same warm and friendly welcome, typical of Rodrigues, awaits you. The Rodriguan is usually discreet but his enthusiasm brims over when welcoming a guest.


The secret of the Rodriguan cuisine lies in the freshness of the ingredients, the expertise handed over from the past generation and the local flavours and aromas of well-preserved culinary traditions.

Tiny shellfish gathered from the beach, seasoned with coriander, make a delicious soup. The cono-cono salad is a must (the cono-cono is a shellfish the size of a fist and is an aphrodisiac, according to tradition).

Mussel gratin, sautéed crab, steamed fish (Sacréchien, Capitaine, Berry) honeyglazed pork loin, beef rougailles with ground corn, kidney bean fricassée, corn-fed chicken salad with ginger, chicken curry with greens and lime pickle are exquisite dishes for any gourmet`s palate.

Mandatory specialities are the octopus curry, smoked ham and, above all, the terrific `piments limon` which are small pickled green lemons ground and mixed with chillies.

When it comes to desserts, there is a choice between papaya or coconut pies with freshly grated coconut or flavoured with cinnamon, together with the maize pudding.

During one`s outings, it is hard to resist the delights of the `gâteau patate`(sweet potato cakes) or the `gâteau manioc` (cassava cakes).