Rustling with bug-eyed lemurs, shy geckos, giant moths, and other freaks of nature, this island in the Indian Ocean will give up its secrets if you’re willing to be patient. Not only is Madagascar’s landscape ever changing and otherworldly (emerald ocean, mangroves, dense rain forests, prehistoric rock formations), but the country has a distinctive ecosystem, with animals and vegetation that can be found nowhere else on earth.


Réunion is a unique, tropical island with a both gentle and volcanic temperament, nestled at the heart of the Indian Ocean, with 2,500km2 of enchanting landscapes and 200 different microclimantes. This French overseas department boasts a natural environment that will literally take your breath away!


Blissfully isolated more than 600km northeast of the mainland, this tiny volcanic outcrop surrounded by a massive turquoise lagoon is a stunning mountainous gem that barely feels connected to its big sister, Mauritius, let alone the wider world.